Emotional intelligence and knowledge of self

A talk by Finbar Chambers – Emotional intelligence and the knowledge of self

Finbar has been working in the education sector for the past 18 years both at home and abroad. He received his MA in psychotherapy in 2010. His dissertation focused on the experiences of those in education working with socially disadvantaged groups and early school leavers. He also has a BA in Legal Studies and a post graduate diploma in Education both attained from the University of Limerick. Finbar has been a lecturer in ICHAS since 2008.
Finbar looks forward to welcoming you to his talk ‘emotional intelligence and a knowledge of self.’ The talk looks at how Emotional Intelligence and a knowledge of self can help in dealing with the stresses of modern living and assist in improving our relationships with ourselves and others thus taking more control over our mental health.

Wed 11th Oct, 6 – 7.15pm, ICHAS College, Walton House, Lonsdale Road, National Technology Park, Castletroy.

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