Donate – Where does your money go

When you donate to us you are entrusting us with the responsibility to make your money work to support people having difficulty coping with their Mental Health in our community.

It is a responsibility we take seriously. Your support is vital to every aspect of our work. We are committed to openness and transparency.

Donate to Limerick Mental Health Association. 


Text LMHA to 50300 to donate €4 Text costs €4. Limerick Mental Health Association will receive a minimum of €3.60. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 076 6805278. %MCEPASTEBIN%


Use PayPal to securely process donations. You can donate with just a few clicks.

Where does your money go?

At Limerick Mental Health Association we endeavour to promote positive mental health, reduce mental health stigma  and provide support to people who have difficulty coping.

One of the ways we will use your donation is to support the Le Chéile Peer Support Project. Le Chéile is our project in Limerick City.  It is a safe, welcoming place for people under the care of mental health services.  We provide friendship, support and fun through activities, wellness courses and classes.  Our project helps to reduce social isolation and loneliness that can be a feature of living with poor mental health.  We encourage people to be active, to advocate for themselves and others and to life a happy and fulfilled life.

Donations will also be used for the maintenance of our building. We have a permanent home in the heart of Limerick City. Donations can also be used to help us advertise our classes for new and prospective members. Finally, donations may also be used for staff and volunteer training and supports.

Our financial and annual reports

2015 Limerick Mental Health Association Accounts

How much are our Board paid?

All of our board members including our Chairperson are voluntary. Our board members come from the private, public and voluntary sectors in the Republic of Ireland and bring a wide range of experience, skills and knowledge.

Do we receive government funding?

We are currently funded through Section 39 of the 2004 Health Act.

Are you a registered charity?

Yes, we are affiliated with and share the aims of Mental Health Ireland as one of their associations. We use Mental Health Ireland’s registered charity number: 397679, and CHY (revenue) number 20204688.