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Promoting positive mental health in the community

Limerick Mental Health Association (LMHA) promotes positive mental health across Limerick City and County.

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A group of community leaders set up LMHA in 2002 and we operate from our permanent home in the heart of Limerick City. LMHA is for people who are having difficulty coping, are under the care of the mental health services, or are experiencing social isolation or loneliness as a result. We provide peer support, friendship, classes, activities and wellness programmes and we’re a safe space for people who are managing their illnesses. We aim to create a non-judgmental environment where people feel relaxed, supported and valued.

We also run regular Wellness Recovery Action Planning – (WRAP) workshops with tools and training catered to your individual needs. These tools help you to manage the natural ups and downs of life.

LMHA runs Limerick Mental Health Week every year. The week will provide a forum to generate discussion, reduce stigma and promote positive mental health and well-being. Finally, Limerick Mental Health Week highlights the range of supports and services which are available within the local community to support our mental health.

We are affiliated with, and share the aims of Mental Health Ireland (MHI) – a national voluntary organisation. We promote positive mental health and support people who experience mental health difficulties.

Our mission

We aim to promote positive mental health and well-being in the Limerick community and support adults on their recovery journey through peer-led engagement and activities.

Our vision

Our vision is a Limerick where people value their own and each others’ mental health as an important part of living well. We want to achieve positive mental health for everyone. A Limerick where people who experience mental health difficulties can recover, achieve mental well-being and reach their full potential within an informed and supportive community.