Meet our Board Members

As volunteers, we dedicate our free time to the Limerick Mental Health Association and we are all passionate about helping others to remain well and maintain positive mental health.

Deborah Finn

Deborah Finn is Chairperson of Limerick Mental Health Association (LMHA) and is Company Secretary of Dell Ireland.

She has worked in the area of corporate law and governance for over a decade, at various law and consultancy firms in Ireland, Bermuda and South Africa and has a particular interest in non-profit governance. She has advised various charitable organisations on legal and governance matters and has established and overseen the maintenance of a wide range of legal regulatory and corporate governance systems.

Prior to being appointed as Chairperson, Deborah simultaneously held the positions of both Secretary and Treasurer of LMHA for three years and consequently, has an in-depth knowledge of the organisation’s operations and strategy. 

Deborah is passionate about LMHA balancing best practice standards and governance with the recovery and wellness needs of our members. She has a particular interest in the advancement of recovery education and the peer support model in the Mid-West of Ireland. 

Patrick Fitzgerald
Board Member

Patrick Fitzgerald joined the board of LMHA in November 2015. He is active in the mental health scene and has just finished his Ba(Hons) in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Patrick is a passionate and active member of the community in Limerick and brings enthusiasm and determination to his numerous projects to date which include working with Schools, Gardaí, Family Resource Centres, Colleges and other mental health organisations running mental health events.

Patrick firmly believes that the knowledge base of mental health as well as what different organisations do needs to be increased both locally and on a national level. Currently undertaking a research masters around the areas of suicide and rural isolation. Patrick hopes that through the work of Limerick Mental Health Association a vision of a brighter future can be achieved.

Shane Thornton
Community Engagement Director

Shane joined the board of Limerick Mental Health Association in January 2018 as director of community engagement. He is a Garda based in Henry Street Garda Station in Limerick City.

He is responsible for engaging and collaborating with community based groups and partner mental health organisations within Limerick. His role fosters a collective vision and a joined-up approach to wellbeing for all the people of Limerick.

Shane has a particular passion for Mental Health and promoting the work and services available to communities within Limerick. Through his job as a Garda, he sees first hand the challenges that people face in their day to day lives. He is committed to bringing forward a positive community led response to supporting the people of Limerick. 

Elizabeth Stundon

Elizabeth Stundon has taken up the position of Secretary for the Limerick Mental Health Association (LMHA) joining in May 2019. Elizabeth is a highly qualified administrator and has worked within the medical and health sectors throughout her working career. Her current role of Senior Administrator is with the Department of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Limerick. Elizabeth has a Business Degree and a Masters in Marketing and Management Strategies.

Elizabeth enjoys sport and she has played and coached girl’s hockey and camogie under aged teams. Elizabeth’s passion is sailing, and she has completed a transatlantic voyage. Elizabeth was the Athletics Manager for the Special Olympic National Games held at the University of Limerick.