Limerick Mental Health Week 2022 Recap

Limerick Mental Health Association as you know held the 17th Annual Mental Health Week recently from the 10th to 16th of October. This year was a great success. We had 30 events over the week held by 29 organisations with the theme of Limerick Community `Mental Health for ALL”. The week-long event engaged with over 18000 people and that doesn’t include our information day on the 15th or the phone calls and emails we answered in relation to information and support services. 

I would like to thank everyone that made this event such a success including:

  • Deputy Mayor Kieran O’Hanlon for speaking at our opening event 
  • CEO of Mental Health Ireland for Launching the Week 
  • The Strand Hotel, The Clayton, Shannon Airport and Limerick City and County Council for lighting up green to support Limerick Mental Health Week.
  • The Defence Forces Ireland for making the information day possible 
  • Sarah from the Spitjack for saving the day on the Saturday 
  • The Milk Market for hosting our Opening Launch 
  • All the organisations who took part in the planning and hosting of events 
  • All musicians. artists and dancers who made it all possible

And last but not least to all of you the people of Limerick who came out to support the week and helped promote positive mental health. it shows that Limerick does stand up for mental health so THANK YOU for your support!

Ian (Manager, LMHA)