WRAP Seminar 1

WRAP Seminar 1: Introduction to Mental Health Recovery and WRAP

This workshop is co-facilitated by WRAP® Facilitators in a variety of formats and agendas, including 8-12 week WRAP groups, 2-3 day workshops, retreats, and the Correspondence Course.

What will you learn?

Participants in these workshops will learn how to develop their WRAP® as a personalized system to achieve their own wellness goals.

Who are these courses for?

These workshops are for anyone and can apply to any self-directed wellness goals.

Learning Objectives

After doing this workshop you will be able to:
• Apply key concepts of recovery into your everyday life to improve your quality of life.
• Identify tools and action plans to counter the negative effects of life challenges and improve responses to disturbing thoughts and feelings to achieve improved states of wellness.
• Describe the history, foundations and structure of the Wellness Recovery Action Plan®.