Supports during Covid 19 restrictions

As we are continue through Level 5 of the government’s Plan for Living with COVID we have put together a list of useful information, resources and links to some of the supports that are currently available to support you and your loved ones during this challenging time.

Mental Health Help During Covid 19
Meditation Links For Managing Uncertainty
Helping Older People Stay Connected during Covid 19

Apps to help With Anxiety and Stress
Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Self-Help Resources
Crisis Helpline Numbers

Mental Health Help During Covid 19

Some useful online Mental Health resources:

Meditation Links for Managing Uncertainty

Free guided meditations on youtube to help during these challenging times

Helping Older People Stay Connected During Covid-19

Now it is more important than ever to keep in touch with family, friends and neighbours and technology is enabling the majority of us to stay connected while staying at home but this has proved to be  a challenge for some older people cocooning at home who may not be used to using all the latest computer and mobile phone applications. Learning to use different applications can make all the difference to people’s level of connectedness at this time. These applications can however present challenges for some people.
Age Actions’ Getting Started KIT supports older people to keep in touch with their loved ones during the Covid-19 pandemic by helping older citizens gain digital skills that might help them stay connected with other people.The KIT is made up of seven How To guides (including how to use a smartphone, how to use WhatsApp etc) that will support older people to learn, use, and be confident using smartphones and applications.

Visit Age Actions’ Getting Started KIT website for all the details

Apps to Help With Anxiety & Stress

Smart phone apps can be a really useful way to practice breathing and meditation exercises to help with stress and anxiety. Here are some of our favourites:

Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT can be a useful way to challenge how we think and act to help with anxiety and low mood. Online programmes offers the opportunity to learn CBT skills.

Self-Help Resources

Self-help materials can give us coping skills to help us through times of distress.
– Information and exercise sheets:
– Specific self-help intervention packages:

– Websites
    • Write a letter to your future self.
    • Mental health support and information.
    • Ireland’s student-led mental health movement.
    • Information on issues that can affect your mental health and well-being.
    • Ireland’s youth information website created by young people, fo young people.

Crisis Helpline Numbers