What’s on at LMHA this Feb 2024

Throughout the month of January, our dedicated team has continued to work tirelessly to support individuals in our community. Our peer support services, walk-in services and wellness programmes have seen a steady increase in participation, and the entire team is always happy to witness the positive impact of these sessions. We remain steadfast in our mission to provide a safe and nurturing space for everyone seeking mental health support. the schedule remains mostly the same due to the request of our members with just the smallest of changes. Our art class will now be on a Monday while our creative writing has changed to the Friday.

We are delighted to announce that we will have community music returning soon as we are in the final stages of securing a new facilitator. Unfortunately our previous much loved music facilitator has moved away and will be sadly missed. 

For updates please make sure to keep an eye on our socials daily and contact us to register your interest for of our classes that interest you 

Here is our updated schedule for Feb including Personal Development, Monday Movers, Creative Writing, Mindful Painting, Mindful Movement, Breathwork with Lisa and our Men’s Shed:

Walk-in service is also available Mon – Fri 9am-5pm. Call in for one of our classes or just for a cup of tea or coffee.

If you want to attend a class or would like to be included in our email list for communication, please send your details (name/phone/email) to info@limerickmentalhealth.ie.

St. Bridget’s Day Women’s Group (1st February, Limerick City Library)

To welcome Spring this year, we hosted a women’s group in the city library This event was a brilliant way to celebrate St. Bridget’s Day, the arrival of spring, women’s issues and female friendship! We played some games, got to know each other and discussed topics relating to societal expectations for women, mental health, beauty standards, and social isolation. We found that the women were able to get problems off their chests and open up in a safe space, among friendly faces.

Women of all ages turned up and this provided a range of perspectives and made the discussion very diverse. We received very positive feedback from the women, as it provided them with a social outlet, and an opportunity to open up about mental health struggles. We are planning to make this group a monthly event! Keep an eye on our socials for more details.

National Eating Disorder Awareness Day Talks (20th February)

We will be hosting a talk in UL for National Eating Disorder Awareness Day on the 20th February from 10:30 am-12:00 pm. We will be joined by two guest speakers,

William Dwyer-Joyce, also known as Will DJ, is a mental health peer support worker, who currently works in a prominent ED treatment centre. Through sharing his personal and professional experiences, DJ can offer a rare insight into both sides of the ED recovery experience.

Listening to other people’s experiences and knowledge about eating disorders allows us to better understand personal experiences we may have, and encourages compassion and open discussion amongst others! 

This free event is open to everyone, whether you have had experience with an eating disorder or if you simply want to show support for this important issue. Encouraging conversation about this stigmatised subject is so important to help people feel less alone in the experience.

Join us in the Student Life building in the UL campus courtyard on the 20th of February to show support for the awareness and de-stigmatisation of eating disorders! Keep an eye on our socials for the link and QR code to get your FREE tickets.

Email:info@limerickmentalhealth.ie or Phone: 061 446786

Spaces for some classes are limited so please book in advance to secure your place: info@limerickmentalhealth.ie or 061 446786