Appreciating Family During Holidays

Appreciating family during the holidays

Family is important all year round but Christmas and New Year is a time when we can step back and think about the importance of our families in our lives because it is a time of gratitude, appreciation and love.

Most people spend Christmas with their families. Some even with their extended families, which may be the only time throughout the year when they meet grown up siblings, aunts and uncles, grandparents. So while decorating, buying presents and planning Christmas and New Year dinners and parties, find time to think about each family member. Think about the good feelings that each family member makes you feel and tell them that over Christmas dinner or buy thoughtful presents which will make them feel loved and appreciated. Remember that Christmas is a time of forgiveness so concentrate on positive things about each family member.

We all are trying to sort out our lives in some ways. For each of us there is a period when we are selfish, harsh, stubborn and lost so let’s use this Christmas period to forgive ourselves and our family members so everyone is happy and cheerful at least over holidays. And maybe by being kind and empathetic towards our family members, we will understand them more and maybe by the start of the new year will be able to resolve old or new conflicts and misunderstandings, which will give us peace in our hearts and minds and will make us feel connected to family members throughout the year. 

Written by Kristija Vingra (LMHA placement student)