College of FET Student Week 2024- Soccer Tournament with LMHA

The LMHA team was delighted to work in partnership with the College of FET’s student week this year, specifically the soccer tournament held on the 21st March. We would like to thank Nial for organising this event in partnership with the association. During the week, our team held information stands in the college and we had a great reception from the students and staff, but the highlight of the week was definitely the multi-campus soccer tournament. Students from all the FET campuses across Limerick and Clare took part, engaging in some healthy competition and sporting our LMHA bibs and signs. 

Off the field, students and attendees of the match had the opportunity to engage with the LMHA team, learn about the available resources, and take information leaflets. These accessible information stands aimed to destigmatise the discussion of mental health, encourage self-care practices, and emphasise the importance of seeking support when needed. 

The tournament provided an opportunity for students across campuses to come together, engage in healthy competition, and raise awareness for mental health which affects us all. By aligning their student week with Limerick Mental Health Association, the College of FET’s and the Mulgrave St. Campus in particular, demonstrated their deep commitment to the well-being of their students. 

Once again, a heartfelt thank you to the FET Mulgrave St. Campus, and Nial, for their unwavering support and dedication to promoting mental health awareness in Limerick and the wider community.