Beyond the grey – a blog on loneliness

Social and Environmental are only 2 types of loneliness, this can affect anyone through out their life, a few examples, someone living alone, perseverance of dealing with another in addiction, loss of a loved one, depression and hopelessness at times, surround by negative energy, there are many things drive a person into a type of loneliness, don’t assume or judge, we don’t always know what’s going on in anothers mind.

As for me personally remembering one so called lonely state of mind had a connection with the colour grey cold and damp, a void, an anxiety simply feeling lost in a lonely state of mind..  couldn’t feel comfortable in society anymore.  One time!. Appropriate programmes, associations, curious readers, for the people who bravely stepped forward to try be part of our society again, joined activity, and the drive to break this unhealthy circle  is possible.  

As I learned we are biologically built , social can include to be involved, to mingle with others, join a hobby, my own father goes to the shed, even, brilliant ideas, but the hustle & bustle of life these times, financial worry, low self esteem, mental health working against emotion pushing you into that Grey world easily drivin people back in to there homes and worse there own minds!, A risk factor to one’s  minds health Where this state of mind can bring more severe Loneliness,  lengthily spouts called chronic loneliness exists too…  It’s never too late! That lonely place isn’t where a human belongs or should have  to endure that suffering  in silence or simply suffering at all.

Medical researchers , discovered  connections with This cruel state of mind, certain cases, bringing unwanted issues like  social phobia,panic attacks, Anxiety disorders, Becoming more inverted in ones self, At higher risk of chronic loneliness, heart and respiratory problems, even dementia in serious spouts of loneliness

Trapped in this state of mind,Yes It can for some bring on the crutch of addiction, as a company or as a tool!? Self medicating would  bring deeper issues, 

If you decide to address this issue, There are so many things to do or be part of these days & times, please be brave and step forward, some people may like working alone, But with some courage being in a room with a few others, would break the ice for social interaction with someone anxious but wanting to jump back onto the wheel and journey of finding yourself, learning how to be apart again…

Social phobia already in?, A little time,like anything, building some trust, a friendship, not forgetting a bit of consideration who may be in a very vulnerable way, trying to break there demon chain and rebuild a little something for them selves, everyone is worthy of life, we are all different! Don’t compare it’s advised!?! All you can do is try, take control of that state of mind, called loneliness, step out. Connect, in time with a bit of effort on your side too!? 

Be rid of a sense of only existing or hopelessness, it will become the past, getting well and seeking the support should be our present, then finding a balance that suits your interests and you! Away from the negative habit of latching onto this comfort bubble too long, finding comfort &  support in people and life again instead,  We’ve only got one life!, begin living it, leave loneliness a thing of the past…Ye are always in my thoughts and prayers, please include me in ye’res…

Don’t ever give up,
Where there’s a will, there’s a way!
Take it handy. 

Hazel O B-T 

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Hazel O’Brien is originally a country girl, schooled in Blarney, mental health hit, then addiction, witness death,misery, fear that would eventually affect you physically, temperamental a bit, bad nerves but a strong soul and optimistic.

Disclaimer: opinions and views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of Limerick Mental Health Association