Employability & Limerick Mental Health Week 2017

Who are we?

Employability Limerick was established in 2001 and supports people with an illness, injury and
disability into the workforce. We work with people with all types of disabilities including physical,
sensory, mental health and learning difficulties. We assess each person and help them decide what type of job is the most suitable for them. We are very committed to providing a professional
employment service for people and aim to reduce stigma associated with mental health issues
particularly in the work place. Our service moves at the pace of the person and respects the
individual. Each person is affected differently by their illness and we acknowledge this and hold a
non-judgmental approach. We also liaise and support local business recruitment needs throughout Limerick city and County. Because we know the big contribution people with disabilities and mental health issues can make to the local economy, we are continually looking for more employers to promote equal opportunities.

Importance of Limerick Mental Health Week

Limerick Mental Health week is a week where mental health is a topic brought into the community and people’s conversations in a safe and accessible way. As a service that supports persons with mental health issues, we understand the importance of being involved and raising awareness of issues particularly around employment for people with mental health difficulties. We are delighted to be connected with other local organisations for the week and on an ongoing basis to allow our service to inform people of the wide range of supports available in the community.

“Will I ever find work again? I lack confidence and don’t know where to go. I heard about Employability Limerick and was nervous at first. From the first meeting, I felt listened to and its ok to take baby steps at first. A career path was identified, I got good advice and some work experience. I progressed to interview and work trial and had support from the job coach and employer. Looking back, I am doing ok now and things are looking brighter.” Client

For further information please visit www.employabilitylimerick.ie or call 061 493 095

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