ICHAS & Limerick Mental Health Week 2017

Who are we?

Established in 1999, ICHAS College are extremely proud of their role in education. All programmes at ICHAS are designed to be relevant and contemporary, ensuring both academic and occupational value nationally and internationally.  Maximising accessibility to education is a central principle of the College, and it is committed to ensuring that all learners can identify and avail of a route for direct and easy access to leading academics and a supportive learning environment for their educational journey. Building on its experience gained in the specialised fields of Counselling & Psychotherapy, ICHAS extended its sphere of activity into further academic disciplines in 2012/13, developing programmes in the fields of Business and in particular Business Psychology. However, the core focus within the College remains the education of professional practitioners in Caring Disciplines.

Importance of Limerick Mental Health Week

We are delighted to be involved in Limerick Mental Health Week and value the contribution that this week makes to all members of the community. We look forward to an exciting week of events and to welcoming you to our college campus at the National Technology Park next Wednesday evening 11th October, from 6pm – for our first talk. .