Make someone smile today – #smileypancake

Make your pancake smile for mental health awareness

We are kicking off 2018 with the Smiley Pancake campaign #smileypancake. Pancake Tuesday takes place on 13th February this year. We are joining Mental Health Ireland and many health associations throughout the country and will be tweeting and sharing photos of all the pancakes with the hashtag #smileypancake. We hope you will join us at your place of work / home / favourite cafe to make someone smile today by making your pancakes smile :-). Don’t forget to donate to Limerick Mental Health Association.

smiley pancake - be the reason someone smiles today
Make your pancakes smile

Would you like to host your own Smiley Pancake event?

Pancake Tuesday takes place on 13th February.  The idea is to pop a smile on your pancake with a topping of your choice, and donate to us! If you are a cafe / hotel encourage everyone to order a pancake, and pop a smile on it with a topping of their choice, then ask them to make a donation to us!
Contact for literature, posters and donation boxes for you on the day.
OR your business can promote the Smiley Pancake campaign on the day by donating a sum of money for each pancake bought to Limerick Mental Health Association.

Have fun with your pancake

Get involved in the #smileypancake campaign, and have some fun with your pancake / pancakes (we don’t mind how many you have!)
  1. Make or buy your pancake….
  2. Make your pancake smile using fruit, Nutella, peanut butter, savoury fillings… the list is endless…. Have some fun!
  3. Post a photo of your #smileypancake to social media with the hashtag #smileypancake
smiley pancake campaign for Limerick mental health association 2018
Smiley pancake campaign 2018 – make someone smile 🙂