A December Message from Claire Flynn (Le Chéile Project Manager)


“Hello Everyone,

It is all a bit confusing for me. We are a bit out of lockdown and a bit still in lockdown. It can be hard to keep our thoughts on why this is all necessary, particularly at this time of year.

For Le Chéile during December, we will remain working from home and having our groups online. We will keep them going up to and after our Christmas closure. 

We are closing for 2 weeks from Monday 21st December and we will reopen on Monday 4th January.

We will be hosting a Coffee Morning on the 28th of December in Limerick City, if you want to join us, call into Costa Coffee between 10am and 1pm.

Christmas and New Year can be a time of happiness and joy for some, and sadness and disappointment for others. This year may be the hardest for some and for others, the added restrictions may help them feel safe.

It’s OK to not like this time of year, it’s OK to love it, whatever your feelings are around it, they are valid. If you feel they are sad and getting you down, there are supports there for you. Even if you think you are just moaning.

If I have learned anything in my job, we need to be able to say what we are feeling. Our feelings are valid, our experience is valid, and we have a right to say so.

Sometimes, just getting to express how we are feeling, is a release of those emotions, they can then lose intensity, we have gotten them out of our head, and we can move on.

Don’t stay too long with negative thoughts and emotions, if they stick around, find something else or someone else that supports you in a positive way. If they become overwhelming, reach out for help, there will be someone or something that you can feel safe expressing yourself.

We have a list of supports on our website, and ways to support ourselves.

We hope you stay safe and we look forward to seeing you again in 2021.”

Claire, Aoife, Martina, Leona and the volunteers of Le Chéile.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Coffee Morning on Monday Dec 28th has been cancelled due to Covid-19 Government Restrictions.


Le Chéile December Timetable