Covid-19 update: Le Chéile closure

Le Chéile is closed until further notice
Le Chéile is closed until further notice due to Covid-19
Le Chéile is closed until further notice
Call 087 248 5742 if you need information or support


Le Chéile will be closed until further notice, following Governmental and HSE advice regarding Covid-19.

However, we do have plans to help support our members during this time. Our phone line is open, if you need some support or information call 087 248 5742.

To find out about mental health supports in your area contact 1800 111 888, or go to for more information about supports near you. This can include online, face to face or telephone supports.

Updates will be regularly sent through text message and on our social media pages; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you need of some support please contact your GP or day hospital. 

On behalf of everyone at Le Chéile, please keep yourself safe!

Some steps to follow if you feel like you have COVID-19, can be seen below.

Illness benefit for Covid-19
Illness benefit if you have Covid-19