How to Accept Your Flaws

A picture illustrating that nobody is perfect
A picture illustrating that nobody is perfect

Written by Serena Norris – A volunteer at Le Chéile as our new monthly guest blogger and a graduate from St. John Fisher College in Psychology. Serena is currently undergoing her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counselling and runs her own online blog. To see her blog click here.

Personally, I am always critiquing myself. How I am not skinny or pretty enough, my oily skin, or even the way my hair looks. It is hard to see past the flaws at times and may even bring someone into a low mental state. Well, let us start with no one is perfect. Even that person we compare ourselves too most likely is comparing themselves to someone else.Our flaws are what make each of us unique. Let me give some helpful
reminders that I tell myself when I start feeling down.

For one, every person matters and has a purpose on this Earth. Some may know what they want while others are still figuring it out. It took me changing my career 5x before I found my passion in clinical mental health counseling. Everyone grows differently and just because someone may figure out what they want before you do not make you any less of an individual.

For two, instead of looking at what you do not like change it with what you love about yourself. I have always loved my green eyes and freckles (thankful for the Irish genes). I will remind myself how others wish they had what I do and become grateful for who and what I look like. As I stated before, no one is perfect, but our flaws make us unique. That is what makes us who we are today. The reason someone may fall in love with us or the trait someone finds “adorable”. Never let your flaws be a negative thought but rather what makes you shine.

I hope this helps someone who may be struggling with self-image or self-esteem. Remember there are resources available if you need. Until next time, stay healthy, stay positive, and stay mentally strong!

Disclaimer: views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of Limerick Mental Health Association.

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