Sleep paralysis, stress and me

Sleep paralysis occurs when transitioning through different stages of sleep.

Article written by Lisa Marie Sheehy – Independent councillor at Limerick City and County Council. From my early teens due… Continue reading Sleep paralysis, stress and me

How to alleviate and cope with stress at work

People often experience stress due to upcoming deadlines and challenging workloads.

Stress has become increasingly common in Irish workplaces due to greater competition and higher workloads. A mild degree of stress can… Continue reading How to alleviate and cope with stress at work

Let’s talk about self-harm

It's time to educate ourselves and start talking about self-harm

Over the years we have progressed to opening up discussions on mental health, but self-harm still remains a symptom of… Continue reading Let’s talk about self-harm

How to practice mindfulness

practice mindfulness

Welcome to the first post of our new series, which will give Limerick based bloggers a platform to speak about… Continue reading How to practice mindfulness